Where exactly is Israel?

SIGIR host cities are constrained by a ternary continental rotation: one year in the Americas, the next in Europe/Africa; and the third in Asia. Candidates are invited to submit proposals four years in advance. This year was in Boston; next year is in Geneva; and so in 2011 it is Asia's turn. The bids to host the Asian round, submitted in 2007, were from Beijing, China and Haifa, Israel. This is fair enough; if Israel can adequately be assigned to any continent, it is Asia. In the end, Beijing was selected. Thus, SIGIR 2011 is in Beijing, and it was just announced that SIGIR 2012 will be in Portland, Oregon. This year's SIGIR was the opportunity to make bids to host SIGIR 2013 in Europe or Africa. Bids were received from Dublin, Vienna, Edinburgh, Barcelona, and ... Haifa, Israel. So where exactly is Israel?

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  1. Maybe it's like the football, where Israel plays in the European World Cup qualifiers instead of the Asian qualifiers. Hmm, no, they'd have to be able to field a team in both competitions ...

  2. gironmento says:

    Wherever suits Israel.

  3. gimbolaya says:

    Though Israel is in Asia, it is related to Europe more than Asia.
    I think it will be good to have it in Israel, I was in Haifa several times, very beautiful city!
    Send papers, forget locations...

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