Off to FTI: see you on the other side

Tomorrow I'm starting a new, full-time position as data scientist at FTI's lab here in Melbourne. I'm excited to have the opportunity to contribute to the e-discovery community from another angle, as a builder-of-product. Unfortunately, this means the end of this blog, at least in its current form and at least for now. Thanks to all my readers, commenters, and draft-post-reviewers. It's been an entertaining experience!

2 Responses to “Off to FTI: see you on the other side”

  1. Chandler Burgess says:

    Congratulations and best of luck. Your blog (and research) has been full of tremendous insight for me, and I hope the eDiscovery community at large.

  2. Ethan A says:

    FTI's strong gain, and this blog (and the internet's) loss. Please do consider leaving it up.

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