The Journal of Universal Rejection.

Don't become a scientist.

Building self-esteem and self-discipline amongst LA kids in gang-ridden neighbourhoods -- through cricket (!).

A large-scale statistical self-evaluation of Australian university research against world standards finds that Australian universities are below world standard in statistics research.

Today I learnt, R has support for inline C++.

Simple models are often as accurate as, and more robust than, complex ones -- Panos Ipeirotis.

China rapidly overtaking the US in research publication output -- Daniel Lemire.

6 Responses to “Hubs”

  1. Itman says:

    1. He says that it may still make sense to get a PhD in computer science :-)
    2. >Today I learnt, R has support for inline C++.

    This is really amazing, thank you!

    3. >The Journal of Universal Rejection.
    Science *IS* hard. Publishing is even harder.

  2. william says:

    Yes, I wasn't necessarily citing the "Don't be a scientist" paper because I agreed with it. But it is a common refrain amongst scientist. And a pertinent contrast to China's burgeoning research culture.

  3. Itman says:

    >And a pertinent contrast to China’s burgeoning research culture.

    It is only a recent trend. I wonder what will happen in China, when there are too many scientists.

  4. Danny Calegari says:

    Ah yes, Jonathan Katz, who apparently intends no irony by ending his rant on diversity in academia with:

    "Whenever anyone in a position of authority speaks of diversity, he is revealing himself as corrupt and a bigot. Corrupt, because he is planning to use his position to do favors for his friends, and a bigot because he chooses these friends on the basis of their race, sex, ethnicity or other criteria that an honest man ignores."

    An honest man indeed.

  5. william says:

    You're just trying to reserve places for your Dutch-Italian-Australian friends...

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